First Time Pegging

I enjoy a great first-time. Not only first-time sex, however the first-time I do something that’s enjoyable: traveling on the freeway, having halloumi and questioning where it was all my living, going swimming nude in the ocean, watching tiny pornstars and so on. There’s a great deal to enjoy regarding that preliminary punch of uniqueness.

This article isn’t regarding my own first times, however, it’s regarding those of others. Since, even though I’ve only had one guy’s virginity, in terms of anal intercourse I have grabbed some more.

Not normally dominating, taping on a cock and positioning a guy’s thighs to his upper body whilst I screw him is a nerve wracking encounter. What happens if I am not the type of amazing dick wielder I imagine being? What happens if he determines he does not enjoy it, and his recollection of me is permanently tainted by the dissatisfaction while his prostate did not buzz with pleasure? Well, through the channel of 3 Tales Regarding First-time Pegging, let us find out, shall we?

The Passionate

He lay down on his spine on the mattress, nude from the waistline down, and I was able to understand how much he was eager for this. His dick was upright in the air, strong and solid and shimmering at the tip. I pressed his legs up in the direction of his neck, knelt on the mattress in between his splayed thighs, then moist the tips of my finger and followed them round and round the head of his dick.

‘Do you wish me to screw you?’

He nodded his head.

‘Tell me you wish me to screw you.’

‘I need you to screw me.’

‘Say please.’ I got the lubricant while he babbled, anxiously.

‘Please screw me. Oh please screw me. I just need to feel you inside me, I want to come.’

I’d one palm on his cock whilst my other palm squashed the better part of half a tube of lubricant on mine.

Even though it was not some thing I had fantasised about, some thing intangible concerning this scenario caused me to tingle with excitement. There wasn’t any discomfort, no paddling. I was not getting submissive. I was simply kneeling in between the boy’s thighs, pushing the end of my artificial cock up against his asshole, but still some thing was imparting me that lustful punch.

‘Touch your cock.’
He followed instantly. Shaking with desire and anxious about being screwed the first time, he stroked him self gradually, hesitant to come before I had him. He was near enough to coming simply from the expectation of what I was doing, therefore while I slid first then 2 finger in him he hardened up.

‘Ah, no, please.’

I stroked his prostate, really carefully, and sensed each and every muscle in his whole body tighten while he attempted to not come. I had never been this strong. ‘You will only come while I screw you.’

‘Yeah.’ He nodded his head a couple of times, much more a response twitch than the usual nod of understanding. He looked at me with big eyes and bit his lips, while I made use of my lubed up palm to steer my cock inside him. He groaned. It was like a nubiles casting video.

‘Does it pain?’

‘Yes. However it’s great.’

‘How great?’ I tentatively slid it out, then in once again, a little more this time around. Another moan. A twitch.


And I knelt up, placed a palm on each of his elevated legs, and pressed them back, opening him up and pressing him back again, while I slid into and out of him. His face was taut in a manifestation of both discomfort and euphoria, knitted with focus in an attempt to not come. However I needed him to come. I understood that the deposition and the anxiety and the stress and the pleasure of being screwed in a completely new manner will cause a climax which shot from inside him, squirting mouthfuls of spunk around and over his entire body.

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