Keeping a Healthy Sex Life With an Occasional Quickie

One of the most common problems that men usually face with their sex life is on how to last long in bed. On average men only last about three up to seven minutes if they just do continual thrusting with their partner. This often leaves women unsatisfied in bed. This is why there are different ways that most couple do to make sure that men last long in bed some couples develop a certain technique that helps them gain a better sex life and ensures that both of them enjoys.

One of the most common things that couples do is to find time to do an occasional quickie. This is not a common thing for couples but this will surely help’s in improving your lovemaking session bit by bit. This will help men focus more on what is actually happening rather than thinking of ways on how to last long during a quickie and the ladies will also enjoy this quick escapade.

Communicate With Your Partner

Just like in any other kinds of relationship it is important that you and your partner are both on the same page with it. Discuss it with your sex partner if they agree on trying out doing a quickie especially if this is not your usual thing. Remember that both parties should enjoy the act for it to help you with your sex life.

So you two should discuss whenever the time is right and if they are open to the idea of a very adventurous sex. It will be easy for you to be able to enjoy it if you both agree on doing it whenever you feel like it.
It is important that men should always have enough time for foreplay because this is what makes women get into the mood. But if you both share the same passion towards improving your sex life then you can turn into using some lubricating products to make it easy and quick. Better be ready and make sure that you have those things on hand. Men should always remember that for women to reach climax they need to do a lot of work. But if they are able to get their partner be on the mood for a quickie reaching climax or getting orgasm from women might not always be possible. This is not usually a big deal to women as long as you make sure that you help them reach it the next time you make love.

You can also get foreplaying tips from porn websites like nubiles porn, naughty america free or tonights girlfriend porn. It is always good to see how these professionals attempt it and learn from them.

Try it on Different Location
To add more spice and to make it more exciting why not tries a different location every time you do a quickie. Some couples do it in different location of their home but for a more adventurous type they can manage to do it in some public places. The thought of you getting caught while doing it adds up to their excitement.

So try it when the time is right and if you and your partner are up for it. This can help you improve in actual full length sex and it will also help you learn how to give pleasure to your partner.

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